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Rockwell GuardmasterRockwell Guardmaster: is a leading industrial safety automation supplier of safety automation products and support for machinery companies around the world. The main focus of Rockwell Guardmaster is the supply of interlocking and control devices which provide safe working conditions for operators and machines.

From singular parts to complete industrial safety automation, Rockwell Guardmaster provides a range of components and integrated systems to optimised and secure the machinery for manufacturers.

Rockwell Guardmaster products fundamentally incorporate the principles of reliability and security. Designed with the intended end user in mind, Rockwell Guardmaster safety automation products ensure that dangerous situation do not occur in the operation and use of automated machinery.

For over 20 years, Rockwell Guardmaster has helped to develop industrial safety automation solutions for the safeguard of machinery and operators who use the equipment.

With increased legislation in covering the safe operation and use of machinery, it has become more and more important that machine manufacturers and end users ensure that dangerous situations do not occur.

Rockwell Guardmaster Safety Automation Products Range:

  • Interlock switches
  • Safety light curtains
  • Laser scanners
  • Safety mats / Safety edges
  • Sigma switches
  • Guard locking switches
  • Non-contact switches
  • Hinge switches
  • Safety relays
  • Prosafe
  • Trapped key interlocks
  • Emergency stop devices
  • Safety limit & position switches
  • Safety contactors and control relays
  • Two hand controls


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